qira update

In my previous writeup on qira, I showed installation on Ubuntu 19.04 and making some patches to the main qira github version. George Hotz did merge some of my changes, but not all of them and also there are some pull requests by others that are nice to have that have not been merged. So for the time being, I am using my qira fork at https://github.com/janbbeck/qira

Additionally, I have ported Hamlet's excellent qemu 3.1 qira port


to qemu 4.0.0


And my fork uses that instead of the older versions.

After using qira a bit, I think that it works best on Ubuntu 16.04, so I am usually using it in a 16.04 VM. All the above make an install of qira using all the patches I like and PIN 3.11 and qemu 4.0.0 very easy:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade
$ sudo apt install git
$ git clone https://github.com/janbbeck/qira.git
$ cd qira
~/qira$ ./install.sh 

Also, to build PIN:

~/qira$ cd tracers/
~/qira/tracers$ ./pin_build.sh 

And that's it.