Optical Table CNC Lathe - 3D Printed Linear Rail Screwhole Plugs

The LRX rails have a great set of wipers to keep the rails clean:

But they don't work well when the screw holes are not plugged. Debris can enter into the linear way this way, and also act as a shear that cuts up the wiper:

Plugs are commercially available and - I believe - are shipped from the factory with the rails. But for a hobbyist like me these are really hard to come by. But they are a really simple shape, so I modeled some plugs in Fusion 360:

And printed them out with some SainSmart flexible filament. This worked out well. They are a slight deforming fit and work effectively together with the wiper now.

However, I still want some bellows to protect the rails. But that turned out far more difficult than making some simple plugs.