Optical Table CNC Lathe - Portablility

The main reason to use an optical table over a granite base was weight. I move frequently and this machine has to be mover-proof. I have found that precision components such as linear rails are difficult to explain to movers, and I find that most really don't care anyway. So some thought has to go into the ability to pre-package the sensitive components, and to keep the weight of the disassembled parts down.

I first addressed the short LRX linear rails. These feel like heavy duty, strong parts, but a scratch or ding on the roller ways will be a big problem. So, I laser-cut enclosures for each rail:

I did the same with the blocks:

I make these enclosures months before the move, but apparently I forgot to make laser-cut parts for the long LRX rails. Thus I used cardboard tubing as a stop-gap measure:

With careful arranging, everything fit into a single toolbox (which came in at 167 pounds):

So that there are only 3 major parts to the machine for transport:

1 the optical table

2 the tool box

3 the control box

The glass scale was separate, as it would not fit into the tool box

The movers took the toolbox and wrapped it in paper, turning it onto its head and every other direction. In the end it was a success as no damage at all occurred in transport.