Jan Bastian Beck, Ph.D.

I greatly benefit from information others are sharing on the internet, and so I want to share some useful bits myself. Most of my work belongs to others, so I can't share it. My hobby work is my own, of course, and occasionally a client is ok with releasing part of my work.

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Public work:

There are some utility programs available on my github page here:


SideChannelMatlab - This is a set of Matlab/Octave scripts to perform side channel analysis on crypto systems.

CleanTricks - Binary Ninja plugin to clean up some common obfuscation techniques (dirty tricks)

re-source - Try find a close source code match for a disassembled function in IDA Pro.

diffsnake - Differential debugging for OllyDbg.

ollytracegraph - Allows you to generate VCG-compatible function graphs much like the same functionality in IDA Pro.

weplab-0.1.6 - A bug-fix branch of the venerable WEP brute forcing tool weplab

butterfly-DFT - A butterfly discrete Fourier transform in Verilog.

kubocalc - An ab-initio Kubo-Greenwood transport property calculator for electrical conductivity, electronic thermal conductivity, and thermopower.

and some others ...

Here is a list of my patents and publications. If you find my projects interesting, maybe you like these too:


U.S. Pat. 7366622, “Arc Fault Identification Using Model Reference Estimation.” Issued April 29, 2008.

U.S. Pat. 7635284, “Programmable Appliance Controller.” Issued December 22, 2009.

U.S. Pat. 9573324B2, “Pressurized anneal of consolidated powders." Issued February 21, 2017

Dissertation, Ph.D., Computer Engineering


Thesis, Masters, Computer Science


“Shockwave consolidation to densify powders into a bulk material”

D. Nemir and J. Beck, , Proc. 42nd Annual Conference on Explosives and Blasting, Jan 31 – Feb 3, 2016, Las Vegas, NV.

"Shockwave consolidation to create bulk metallic glass".

D. Nemir, J. Beck, L. Murr, Y. Lin and L. Chavez, Proc. TMS 2019, Mar 10-19, 2019, San Antonio, TX (to appear).

“Inhomogeneous thermoelectric materials: Improving overall zT by localized property variations”.

N. S. Prasad, D. Nemir, J. Beck, P. Taylor. Proceedings Volume 9493, Energy Harvesting and Storage: Materials, Devices, and Applications VI; 949305 (2015).

“Shock-wave consolidation of nanostructured bismuth telluride nanopowders”,

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“Electron Backscatter Diffraction Characterization of Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials”.

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“Topological Considerations for Thermoelectric Capture of Waste Heat”,

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“On The Significance Of The Thermoelectric Figure Of Merit Z”.

D. Nemir and J. Beck, Journal of Electronic Materials 2010 Volume 39, Number 9, 1897-1901, DOI: 10.1007/s11664-009-1060-4. Full paper at http://www.txlgroup.com/publications.html.

“Minimum Description Length (MDL) Principle As A Possible Approach To Arc Detection”.

J. Beck, D. Nemir, and V. Kreinovich, Applied Mathematical Sciences, 2010, Vol. 4, No. 63, pp. 3143-3152.

“Mathematical Justification Of Spectral/Covariance Techniques: On The Example Of Arc Detection”.

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“Monte-carlo-type techniques for processing interval uncertainty, and their potential engineering applications”.

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“Ellipsoids And Ellipsoid-Shaped Fuzzy Sets As Natural Multi-Variate Generalization Of Intervals And Fuzzy Numbers: How To Elicit Them From Users, And How To Use Them In Data Processing”.

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“Interval Versions Of Statistical Techniques With Applications To Environmental Analysis, Bioinformatics, And Privacy In Statistical Databases”.

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“Arc Fault Detection Through Model Reference Estimation”.

J. Beck and D. Nemir, SAE Trans. Journal of Aerospace, Vol 114, July 2006. This paper received the Arch T. Colwell award. Papers are judged for their value as contributions to existing knowledge of mobility engineering, and primarily with respect to their value as an original contribution to the subject matter. This paper was selected from the thousands of papers which were published for SAE meetings during 2006.

“Economics Of Engineering Design Under Interval (And Fuzzy) Uncertainty: Case Study Of Building Design”.

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“Interval Approach To Privacy: Overview”.

L. Longpre, V. Kreinovich, J. Beck, R. Kandathi, Conference: South Central Information Security Symposium (SCISS). Rice University, Hou ston,

Texas. 2004.

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“Geocombinatoric Aspects Of Processing Large Images And Large Spatial Databases”.

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“Towards Automatic Detection Of Erroneous Measurement Results In A Gravity Database”.

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“Interval Methods In Remote Sensing: Reliable Sub-Division Of Geological Areas And Eliminating Outliers From A Gravity Database”.

D. D. Coblentz, G. R. Keller, V. Kreinovich, J. Beck, S. A. Starks. Conference: Scan2000/Interval 2000 September 19-22 in Karlsruhe, Germany