PNC-300 CNC mill retrofit - new connectors

The connectors I selected to connect the Yaskawa drivers to the PNC-300 turned out to be a bad choice. I used mini XLR 4-pin connectors:

But very quickly the release mechanism started to fail on one of them, making it very difficult to release the cable. Finally, the last time I had to disconnect them, all the wiggling and pulling necessary to release the connection caused some damage. The plug no longer works. I think it is only a matter of time before the other one fails too. So, I have had good experiences with the DIN5 connectors I used for the LIBS Laser control box, so I am switching to them.

I chose to keep the same design as current, with both Yaskawa units driven by a separate Line driver.

On the Yaskwawa driver, the connector CN1 has the following pinout:

Only 4 signals are used for the PNC-300:

So to fit this into the DIN5 connector, I selected the following pins:

The connectors did not quite fit over the cable, so I had to open them up on the lathe:

Here is a before and after: